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How to

Search for space

With our platform it’s easy to find your ideal space! There are a few ways to do this:

Use the search bar on the homepage to look in a specific location. Browse through the listings in the listings section. Check property pages to see what listings are in a specific property.

Creating a project template

What is a project template?

Project templates make it easy for you as a prospective tenant to showcase your brand and show off your concept. Project templates make it much quicker to process an application.

How do I create a project template?

When you create an account, you’ll be prompted to create your project template. You can always add new templates by clicking on your name and selecting “Project Template” from the dropdown menu. The wizard will guide you through each step.

Send a request

Listings are setup by us to accept inquiries, booking requests. Inquiries are non-binding and do not require any upfront payment details, whereas booking are binding and require upfront payment processing.

Inquiries mean that we will first review your application before sending you an invitation to book and process the rental payment.

Booking requests handle everything upfront meaning that once we review and accept your application, the booking is confirmed and the payment is authorized.

To send a booking request

Click the start booking button Select your project template and your application should be prepopulated Add any additional information Click continue to payment Fill in your payment details Click submit your booking request

To send an inquiry

Click the send inquiry button Select your project template and your application should be prepopulated Add any additional information Click send

What happens after I send an application?

Once you send an application, it will be reviewed by the leasing team. If we think the concept is a good fit for the space, we will send an invitation to book.


Payments are handled through the platform securely using Stripe. The timing of how we collect rental payments differs slightly depending on the application type. For booking requests the payment is pre-authorized once the application is sent, and authorized once the leasing team confirms the booking. For inquiries, you’ll receive an invitation to book and be prompted to complete the payment process. Once the payment process is completed the payment is authorized.


Invoices for bookings are generated automatically and can be found in the bookings section of your account. If the leasing team issues you an additional invoice, you will find this in the booking page.


Refunds are executed in accordance with the cancelation policy defined on the listing page. There are 3 types of cancellation policy: Strict (1 month), Moderate (2 weeks) and Flexible (1 week). There is always a 4% cancellation fee if the tenant cancels a booking. If the landlord cancels, the 4% is waived for the tenant. Check the table below to see how much you can expect to receive as a refund. Please ensure that you have a payout method defined in your account so that refunds can be handed on time.